Leverage a behaviourally-single source of truth of your network data to gain complete visibility, and verify your network’s behavior to avoid outages

Discover Network Devices

Without an automated tool, network device discovery is a manual and cumbersome process that results in a static list of devices.

Map Topology & Performance Metrics

Manually mapping your network topology can be time consuming and requires continuous updates for an accurate network inventory.

Automatically Discover Network Devices

Every Forward Networks installation starts with data collection. Configuration and state data is collected securely from all network devices via SSH, by issuing a series of CLI commands.

Collections can be scheduled, triggered via API, or issued on-demand via the user interface.

Use SNMP to collect detailed information about your network to produce a detailed network inventory.

Automanix software is a network discovery tool that uses SNMP monitoring to regularly discover the SNMP enabled devices on your network to create a detailed network inventory. Very beneficial in large and dynamic networks with equipment from multiple vendors. Simply provide the list of IP addresses, range, or subnet along with SNMP credentials and let Automanix software automatically discover the devices on your network. You can run a discovery one time or via scheduler to identify newly added devices at any point of time, saving engineer value time & single source of truth for all network data.

Network Topology

With every new device getting added to the network, manually updating the network topology is a challenge. Once you've discovered the devices in your network with Automanix software, network visualization is easy with custom dynamic network mapping.

Network Inventory

Automanix software is state-of-the-art, scalable and customer proven network resources inventory system. The solution can store all information on physical and logical network infrastructure, its configuration, status and functionality, as well as help manage this information. It also offers intelligent information management capabilities, thus providing substantial efficiency gains for telco business processes.

ICM: Integrated Configuration Management

Automanix, Integrated Configuration Management supports capturing all relevant relations between configuration parameters to keep all parameters consistent after each change. The framework generates configuration artifacts and can enforce them on real infrastructures. System administrators can use the framework to port their current ad-hoc scripts to structured, repeatable and maintainable scripts.

OS upgrade Management

Automanix allows OS upgrade management services. It maintains list of OS running on the device, provide noncompliance report, schedule the upgrade activity with few settings. Perform pre-check, OS upgrades & post upgrades check to ensure that services are up and running.

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